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Stainless steel products

Here you will find some particularly weatherproof products from our range!

CE marking

Vormann has obtained CE certification for its wood connectors and joist hangers that are significant for structural stability


Due to alterations of our website, you can only retrieve our product range restrictively in the next few weeks. We ask for your understanding!




  Fittings   Wood connecting pieces
Hinges   Fittings   Wood connecting pieces 
Supporting shoes   Angles, Connectors, Supports   Supports and hooks
Supporting shoes    Angles, connectors, supports    Supports and hooks


Stainless steel products



Chains, ropes, accessories



Load securing equipment

Stainless steel products


  Chains, ropes, accessories    Load securing equipment

Brackets and shelf brackets

Brackets, shelf brackets




Brackets, shelf brackets       Shelving system 


Ball-jointed handrail system and ball-jointed banister system 

Ball-jointed handrail system   Ball-jointed banister system
vormatic KHS   vormatic KGS

In addition to the introduced standard products on this sides, Vormann offers customized series productions, as for example hinges according to drawings, stampings and press bent-parts, components, powder-coated articles or various tools. Please follow our service offer on


Here you can download our catalogs and some of our broschures!